The European Championship is made possible by the cooperation between the TWHCE and the TWHBEA. It is one of the most important dates in our calendar. It encompasses four days of community, fun learning, and competition. Several countries from two continents are regularly represented.

We welcome everyone affiliated with the Tennessee Walking Horse or similar breeds. All disciplines and levels are invited to participate in various classes. We offer a range of gaited pleasure classes, western, english, dressage, jumping, timed events, and fun classes. To learn more about the different divisions please download our rule books.

The home of the TWHCE//TWHBEA European Championship is located close to the heart of Europe in the beautiful equestrian facilities of the stunning Schloss Wickrath, Wickrath (Mönchengladbach), Germany.

The facility offers two indoor riding arenas, three large outdoor arenas, 50 Stalls, beautiful grounds that can be used to exercise the horses, parking for horse trailers, and the option to park campers. During the European Championships, our Bistro is open, providing hot meals, snacks, drinks, and the most important thing at a horse show: chocolate!