Let’s Walk Together!

Let’s Walk Together!

Our club, the Tennessee Walking Horse Club Europe e.V., was founded in April 2017 by TWH lovers who have dedicated their heart and soul to the Tennessee Walking Horse for many years. As an association, we would like to offer an open and tolerant platform to its members and all interested parties. Everyone is welcome here. We have set the goal of promoting the Tennessee Walking Horse with all its versatility and making it further known here in Europe. The club stands for breeding and tournaments, all recreational riders and anyone interested. Because the Tennessee Walking Horse can do much more than “walk.” It connects the people who love it. We want a lively exchange about this beautiful breed. We are happy to provide advice and assistance, whether with questions about breeding, tournaments, and events or keeping a TWH. We have also made it our mission to support young people and encourage them to develop further with attractive offers. Since we are a member of the original American association – the TWHBEA (Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association) – we offer the opportunity to book membership directly through us to take advantage of all the advantages provided in connection with the TWHBEA. In cooperation with the TWHBEA, we are the hosts of the European Championships.

What does the TWHCE have to offer?


We are lucky to have Europe's top trainers amongst our Members. Additionally we fly in World Champion Trainers just for you!

Trail Rides

Is there anything better than the ride of your life in a beautiful setting? Find or host a trail ride near you!


The Tennessee Walking Horse is probably the most versatile horse in the world. So are our Shows! Come check them out.

High Point

The TWHCE High Point is open to all disciplines. Every minute you actively spend working with your horse in any way counts!

For Sale

Check out these stunning horses for sale. Helping members and future members find the ride of their life here!


The TWHCE promotes the breeding of the Tennessee Walking Horse and will help you find the perfect European stallion.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the Tennessee Walking Horse is the 5th largest and the 2nd fastest-growing horse breed in the World as of December 2022?

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Contact us with all of your Tennessee Walking Horse needs. We are here to help!