Carrie Martin Clinic Netherlands

We are pleased to be able to offer a further Clinic with World Grand Champion Trainer Carrie Martin. It will be taking place at Suyin Oldenburg’s Stables at Ledeackersestraat 28, 5845 AT Sint Anthonis Niederlande. The Clinic will encompass two days. The first day will consist of two lessons per participant, a potluck picnic, and an á la carte dinner, location TBA. The second day will consist of one lesson and a trail ride in the afternoon. Please send an email to for more information, participation conditions and forms. 


TWHCE Dual Members: 100 €

TWHCE Dual Youth Members: 50€

TWHBEA Members: 130€

TWHBEA Youth Members: 65€

TWHCE Members: 120 €

TWHCE Youth Members: 60€

Non-Members: 140€

Stall: 25€/Day

Paddock: 15€/Day

June 5 @ 09:30 — June 6 @ 16:00
09:30 — 16:00 (30h 29′)